Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just finished reading a book called "Living the Magical Life: An Oracular Adventure" by Suzi Gablik.  It's one of those "one woman's spiritual journey" books, yet I was excited to read it based on its promised content... oracle work, embracing daily synchronicities, becoming suddenly drawn to and close to a specific deity (in her case, the Black Madonna.) 
Unfortunately, the book didn't have the depth I was hoping for.  The middle-aged author builds an altar to the Black Madonna and visits her statues in foreign places but does not detail any very noteworthy interactions with her as a deity - and almost ignores her entirely for the last half of the book.  She uses I-Ching and bibliomancy which, although certainly valid forms of divination, are not what I'd consider "oracular".  The book is a disjointed account of her doubts and affirmations regarding whether life is meaningfully synchronistic, interconnected and guided by outside forces or simply random.  She describes years of following divination and omens which tell her to hold out hope for a specific romantic relationship, despite all outward evidence that this particular person was entirely disinterested.  The book ends with the romantic interest rebuffing her once and for all and the author ends saying that the outcome does not nullify her experiences.  Basically, "Who knows why things happen the way they do? This is my story, take it or leave it."
It brings up the whole question of whether or not the gods/spirits/PTB would be intentionally misleading or even blatantly lie in order to further our spiritual development.  The author doesn't tackle this issue, having decided on a tenuous position of blind faith, and certainly seemed to think she emerged a stronger person.  But still, I wonder.  Certainly the gods themselves are ineffable and may mislead for reasons we can't comprehend at the time, but I like to think that divination in general is about revealing patterns.  Was she then not reading a reality pattern but the pattern of her own psyche, which wasn't ready to give up no matter what her divinations revealed?  I think that's why I have a hard time reading tarot for myself -- especially when I'm really emotionally invested.  I feel like I'm reading what I want.  Which is *a* truth, but not the truth I'm usually aiming for.
But this book about synchronicities actually seemed to be, well, synchronistic.  It made me stop and take note of omens that have been appearing in my own life.  Oddly, it even referenced a couple very specific things -- including redwood trees, a topic which I just read an entire book about and which seems to keep coming up, and a book by C.S. Lewis that a friend just gave me to borrow.  Even in the ways the book was lacking and irritating me reminded me of my own shortcomings and what I want to strive for in my spiritual practice. 
So, time not entirely wasted.  Now I just need to figure out why the trees are trying to get my attention.  Maybe I should just ask them?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

All the wine is all for me

I'm put together beautifully
Big wet bottle in my fist, big wet rose in my teeth
I'm perfect piece of ass
Like every Californian
So tall I take over the street, with highbeams shining on my back
A wingspan unbelievable
I'm a festival, I'm a parade

And all the wine is all for me

And all the wine is all for me
And all the wine is all for me

I'm a birthday candle in a circle of black girls

God is on my side
Cuz I'm the child bride
I'm so sorry but the motorcade will have to go around me this time
Cuz God is on my side
And I'm the child bride

And all the wine is all for me

And all the wine is all for me
And all the wine is all for me

I carry the dollhouse, safe on my shoulders

Through the black city, night lights are on in the corners
And everyone's sleeping upstairs
All safe and sound
All safe and sound, I won't the let psychos around
All safe and sound, I won't let the psychos around

I'm in a state, I'm in a state

Nothing can touch us my love
I'm in a state, I'm in a state
Nothing can touch us my love

Spring & Synchronous Celebrations

The Wild Hunt has posted a blog today about the misconception in the pagan community that St. Patrick drove the pagans out of Ireland.  I must admit, I held to this belief from wherever I heard it in my spiritually-formative years, and am embarrassed I hadn't questioned it until now.  I could never really get my ire up about St. Patrick's Day anyway, though, because it is so obviously NOT a celebration of the saint nowadays.  It's a celebration of the Irish culture and most of all, drunkenness.  Which makes it more Dionysian than Christian in my book!

I played fiddle in a Celtic band the last couple St. Patrick's Days.  That and my studies of Irish music give me some mixed feelings about the day.  On one hand, I have a soft spot for the culture and traditional music.  On the other hand, St. Patrick's Day was insane and exhausting.  I'm rather relieved to be gig-free today.  I hoping to go dancing somewhere in the evening, somewhere that will not be decked in shamrocks and playing jigs, but somewhere where we can have a casual good time in honor of the Liberalia AND my devotional day to Dionysos.

We are also smack in the middle of the week long City Dionysia as celebrated in Athens, which I didn't realize until last week.  So with little notice but much enthusiasm, Saturday we will be having a few friends over for a film and food festival.  A good friend and fellow Dionysian is planning to make all sorts of Greek and decadent foods.  My partner and I are going to attempt a baklava pie, amongst other things.  I am looking forward to it!

I have been rather distracted the last month, spiritually speaking.  I am really feeling the spring itch to clean, re-organize and refocus.  Even though it's not the equinox yet, it's already spring by my personal reckoning, as of March 9th.  That was the first day I could smell the orange blossoms!