Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Help the Bakcheion

I am getting more and more excited about Many Gods West!  Can it be true, that in just a few short weeks, I actually get to MEET these people?  Those who have inspired me and those I have been privileged to conspire with?  It's hard to put into words how much this means to me.  It feels like it will be a culmination of all the trials and work of the last 2 years. And perhaps the beginning of a whole new phase.  All I know is that two years ago today I didn't even think I'd still be here.  But I am.  Life is crazy, my friends.

The community effort towards putting on an epic Dionysian ritual at the conference are still underway, but there's just 20 days left.  You can help!  Donate if you can, or if you can't donate money, then please spread the word!  We're still under 25% of the funds needed.  Funds go to the cost of getting the organizing members there and for ritual supplies and offerings.  There's some pretty nice perks as well.  (The one I'm contributing is a special blend of anointing oil.)  The fundraising page is here.

We've been ambitious in our vision.  But I have faith.  This needs to happen.  And it will be deep and cathartic and reverberating for many.

Thank you for anything you can do.  Really, truly, thank you.  

Friday, June 5, 2015

As I write, thunder shakes my house

Do the gods know our thoughts?
If not, they must know our hearts.

When on the verge of tears--
I must be doing something right
For beauty overwhelms,
I chase it like receding, teasing waves
     like the tide,
Yet it catches me by surprise.

Once you see your past for its perfection,
You may wrap all faith around your future.

But beware of daydreams--
     The gods live in those too.
          And yes, they will remind you.
               Oh yes, they will remind you.